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Page history last edited by mike@mbowles.com 9 years, 9 months ago

Here are some references for lecture #10. 


There is considerable documentation for the "mvoutlier" package.  The programs were developed in conjunction with a study of soil concentrations of various minerals in the soil of Finland and Norway.  There's a slide set of the results along with output plots from R Filzmoser.pdf .  There is a text document that gives English language descriptions of the elements of the mvoutlier package MVoutliers.pdf , and there's the standard R-documentation which includes the data sets and example code to generate the graphs in the preceding two pdf's mvoutlier-r-Documentation.pdf  .


The original paper deriving the technique of using SVM for one-class classification is a microsoft technical report.  OneClassSVM-TR-99-87.ps.gz


Here's the package documentation for the extremevalues package.  extremevalues.pdf

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