Integrate R StateEt as eclipse plugin

Follow theses steps to install R StateET eclipse plugin on Windows.
Note for MAC most of the steps are the same except that the terminal used is Java Terminal, the steps for which is not part of this blog post.

Click on the images to see the high resolution versions of the screen shots.

Step 0 : Go the site which hosts the plugin software. At the time of writing this post it was WalWare

Step 0 : Follow the installation link on this site to get the URL from which Eclipse can download and install the software.

Step 1 : Open Eclipse, got to : Help -> Install New Software.

Step 2 : Paste the URL obtained for your eclipse version in the “Work with :” section, After you pate the URL it will download the available software at this URL.

Step 3 : Check StatET checkbox and all the checkboxes under this checkbox. Click next next.

Step 4 : Accept terms and conditions.

Step 5 : Get the warning, hit ok.

Step 6 : Restart eclipse.

Step 7 : Now we want to run out sample R program in eclipse. Open Eclipse, Click Run, Run configuration.

Step 8 : From the list, select My_R_Configuration under R Console. Select R Term ! Very important. MAC/Linux people will have to select JVM and configure the JVM to work with R.

Step 9 : R_Config -> Select R and hit configure.

Step 10 : Click Add, to add your R Environment path that eclipse can understand.

Step 11 : In Add R Configuration window, select the type of your computer, 64 bit or 32 bit.

Step 12 : Click Location_R_Home -> Browse File System. -> Select the directory where you installed R.

Step 13 : Hit Ok once you select the directory where your R executable is installed.

Step 14 : Click Default after selecting the R Environment.

Step 15 : Hit Ok.

Step 16 : In R_Console, click on Console options checkbox to pin the console to get the console after you start.

Step 17 : Hit Run, you will see R environment run on your computer. From now on you can use Run and select your R configuration to run always.. ! Done !

If you find this steps helpful please comment, that way I will know if things I am posting online is helping someone. Thanks.
Also if you find some steps missing please comment with the corrections. This will help make life easier for the rest of the people ! Thank you.

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